Ontario Muskie (Musky) Fishing

Muskellunge Fishing Tips and Lodges

Muskie Fishing Tips and Tricks


Deep Trolling for Musky
Trolling for musky is a productive tactic throughout the season, but it is in the fall when this method lives up to its reputation: big musky!

Muskie Biology
The Maskinonge is usually found lying concealed among aquatic plants at the sides of channels, or off shelving rocks in medium sized lakes and in rivers in summer and moves into shallow waters in the fall.

Muskie Fishing
Spring (Start of Season) Musky are a fierce and cunning predator, yet are not as hard to catch as most people think.

Muskie Fishing with Spinnerbaits
One of the questions that I am often asked by clients, and at shows, is “What pike or muskie bait is the overall most effective bait for all seasons?”

My “Desert Island” Lure for Fall Muskies
The period of fall has many bonus rewards for the angler willing to put in the time, and effort, to find and catch fish.

Playing the “Size” Game With Musky
Musky fishing is literally a game of size.

Spoons for Muskie
I started experimenting with spoons for muskies in 1993, after having witnessed their effectiveness for big chinook salmon on several occasions.

Spring Muskie Fishing
Spring, the time for renewal, and the time for early musky fishing! At this time of the year musky are still lethargic due to colder water, and may be a little harder to find than in the summer.

Tackling Trophy Muskies with Topwaters
Few anglers can question the sheer strength and calculated strikes the majestic musky possesses.

Three Tactics for More Muskie
While many things in life and fishing are arguable (other than fish with teeth are really cool), I’ll offer that warm-water muskies are likely the most challenging, since so many different presentations can be effective.

Tiger Muskellunge – Tiger Muskie
The tiger muskellunge is a freshwater fish found in Canada and the northeastern and Midwestern portions of the United States.

Timely Tips to Make Your Musky Hunt a Success
As the trees drop their leaves and the days grow colder, in-the-know musky anglers begin to congregate on their favourite waters to reap the rewards that the fall time offers – BIG plentiful muskies!

Turn Your Musky ‘Follows’ Into ‘Takers
Musky fishing can be a funny game.